Camera Hidden In Pen

The whole purpose of having a hidden camera is to have it “hidden in plain sight”, isn’t it? The more ordinary the object, the better. A keychain fob? A doorhook? A pen?

Hidden cameras, for the most part, are are merely fixed focal-length pinhole optical sensors mounted onto a tiny circuit board. Technology is making everything smaller by the week, and today these circuit boards even include a chip which acts as a hard drive in a DVR!

All the software needed to run this system is already written onto the chip, so viewing the video on your computer is as simple as plugging the USB cable into an available port. Since the DVR chip is recognized by Operating Systems as a Flash Drive, copying, editing, and deleting are all one-click operations.

This camera hidden in a pen can hold up to 4GB of data, and the battery will last up to 2 hours while recording. The video format is AVI 640×480 @ 30FPS; here is a sample from my back yard:

This is the ultimate body-worn camera since it acts totally like a real pen–yes, you can write with it! You can use the button on top to take single pictures in JPG format, record just audio in MP3 Format, or record video AND audio in AVI format. It also acts as a 4GB flash drive, which you can use to transfer any files!